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Places to visit in ooty in two days, Top tourist places

Places to visit in ooty for two days: Top tourist places

Welcome to Ooty, the picturesque hill station nestled in the Nilgiris. If you have two days to explore this charming destination, here are the top tourist places that you must visit:

Doddabetta Peak

Start your Ooty adventure by visiting Doddabetta Peak, the highest point in the Nilgiris. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and lush green landscapes. Don't forget to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the sunrise or sunset from this vantage point.

Ooty Botanical Gardens

Next, immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Ooty Botanical Gardens. Spread over 55 acres, these gardens are home to a wide variety of exotic plants, flowers, and trees. Take a leisurely stroll amidst the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms, and marvel at the well-maintained lawns and terraced gardens.

Ooty Lake

For a tranquil experience, head to Ooty Lake. Surrounded by eucalyptus trees and lush greenery, this artificial lake offers boating facilities. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride and soak in the serenity of the surroundings. The lake also has a charming garden and a mini-train ride for children.

Tea Museum

Discover the rich history and heritage of tea at the Tea Museum in Ooty. Learn about the tea-making process, from the cultivation of tea leaves to the production of the final product. Explore the museum's exhibits, which include vintage tea-processing machinery and photographs depicting the tea industry's evolution in the Nilgiris.

Pykara Falls

Experience the raw beauty of nature at Pykara Falls. Surrounded by dense forests, these cascading waterfalls offer a breathtaking sight. Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters or simply enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Don't forget to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the falls in your camera.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Embark on a memorable journey aboard the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This toy train ride takes you through picturesque landscapes, lush tea gardens, and charming villages. Enjoy the slow-paced ride and marvel at the engineering marvels of the railway track.

Emerald Lake

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and visit the serene Emerald Lake. Surrounded by tea plantations and dense forests, this tranquil lake offers a perfect setting for relaxation. Enjoy a picnic by the lakeside or take a leisurely walk along the scenic trails.

Government Rose Garden

End your two-day itinerary with a visit to the Government Rose Garden. Spread over 4 hectares, this garden is home to thousands of varieties of roses. Admire the vibrant colors and intoxicating fragrance of the roses as you explore the well-manicured lawns and flower beds.

These are just a few of the many attractions that Ooty has to offer. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, explore the local culture, and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting hill station.

Plan your trip to Ooty today and experience the charm of the Nilgiris!

Find the best top tourist places in ooty,The Nilgiris.

Located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty is one of the most popular hill stations in India that is frequented by thousands of tourists every year. Also known as Udhagamandalam, Ooty is called the Queen of hill stations. The picturesque scenic beauty and the beauty of the Nilgiris make it a favored tourist resorts in India. During the colonial period, Ooty was considered as the summer getaway for the Britishers.

The best season to visit Ooty is during April to June and September to November. It is because of the ideal climatic condition that people visit this city every year from all around the world. There are several tea estates, which are sprawled all over the mountains. The forested mountains and grasslands make this hill station all the more beautiful. Tea and tourism festival is held every year that draws in thousand of tourists to this beautiful place. Eucalyptus trees are commonly found in this place.

Ooty has some cottage industries that contribute to the economy of this hill station. Chocolate, pickle and carpentry are largely popular. Tea cultivation is done at the slightly lower altitude of the mountains.

Coming to Ooty, you can not miss out the various tourist attractions. There are several tour operators who arrange for the sightseeing in and around Ooty. Some of the popular tourist hotspots are as follows:

Mudumalai National Park

The Mudumalai National Park, one of the first forest ranges to be declared as a National Park is located in the Nilgiri district in the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The park is located in the Ooty-Mysore route and can be entered from both Ooty and Mysore. The National park was recently declared a Tiger Reserve with a population of about 50 tigers.

Mudumalai National Park is one of the most critical ecological systems in the country, with Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park to the north and the Wayand wildlife sanctuary to the south and between them they house more than 500 species of animals, birds, reptiles and even more species of insects. Needless to say the place is breathtaking and captivating for anyone who appreciates nature.

As you ride through the forests you are bound to see elephants roaming freely in the wilderness and different types of deer for starters. As you move deeper into the jungle, if luck favors you, you will see many endangered species of birds and animals.

High on the list of endangered birds are the vultures. Monkeys like the Grey Langurs are common in the forest. You also find varieties of snakes like the Great Indian Rock Python, Spectacled Cobra, Pit Viper and so on.

Kamraj Sagar Lake

The Kamaraj Sagar Dam is in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state in India.It is located at a distance of 10 km from the Ooty bus stand.It is a picnic spot and a film shooting spot.It is also known as Sandynalla reservoir.It gives a beautiful view to your eyes.  Kamraj Sagar Lake in Ooty also has its own unique charm. In fact, countless visitors inflict this place.


Kamraj Sagar Lake is a dam located in the suburbs of Ooty. Surrounded by a wide variety of herbs and shrubs, it comes as no surprise that many good movies have been shot in this neighborhood. Due to the flourishing of the fishing industry here, the local delicacies at this high ranker on the list of places to visit in Ooty are a treat for the eyes and the taste buds alike!


                Avalanche is a reserve forest area, about 30km from Ooty. Avalanche is renowned for avalanche lake and Avalanche sanctuary. The Avalanche lake is one of the best tourist attraction in Ooty. The Avalanche dam is also called as Canada Dam because Cand funded it. The lake is fully surrounded by blooming flowers which give a delight to your eyes. It is near to the Emerald lake. The Avalanche lake is also one among the major source water supply for the Kundah Hydro Power stations. Trout fishing is allowed in the avalanche lake. Fishing rods and Fishing accessories required for the fishing is available on the trout hatchery which is nearby. The avalanche sanctuary is fully surrounded by the dense forest and you can enjoy the beauty of nature and can have a peaceful and blissful trip.

Its takes 1 hr drive from Ooty bus stand to avalache lake, one direct bus facility available to reach avalanche check post. bus is twice per day. cant depend on the bus for sightseeing in avalanche. have to depends only on private cabs or own vechile

If planning in a Own vedchile, its 35 km from Ooty Bus Stand, roads are ooty till the place called Lawrence after that there is small humb and down to reach the checkpost, park your vevhile on your own risk in the check post for atleast 3 hrs.

Ooty to Upper Bhavani Lake Distance is 35 km, almost 3 hrs drive, no private vechiles are allowed to upperbhavani, you can drive only upto avalache check post after that govenement vechile will take insdie the upperbhavani lake to sightseeing

Lamb's Rock Coonoor

Nothing is more romantic than witnessing the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones, right? Well, Lamb’s Rock is a place where you can enjoy the cool breeze amid lush greenery and tranquillity.

Counted as the topmost tourist attractions in Ooty and a must-visit place for nature admirers, the Lamb’s Rock offers some fascinating views of the surrounding valleys, which are hard to miss. It is a romantic gem for couples and a famous picnic spot for families with children.

Perched on the way to Dolphin’s Nose, the Lamb’s Rock is just 7 km from the heart of Coonoor. Enjoy the calmness all around, feel the cool breeze blowing your mind or treat your taste buds with a sip of Nilgiris Tea.

You can also try your hand at an adventurous trek to observe the view from its top. The place has some magic that relaxes and rejuvenates the senses of people who are coming from every corner of the world.

Witness a panoramic view of Coonoor, the tea and coffee estates, lush greenery, thick forests covered by clouds and the plains of Coimbatore under one roof. It is undoubtedly a nature of delight for experience seekers.

Enjoy a trek for about 500 meters to add some spice to your life. The place offers an unparalleled trekking experience, as you get a chance to explore the hidden beauty of the paradise and wonderful sights on your way.


Catherine Falls

The St. Catherine Falls near Aravenu is considered to be a two step waterfall which comes down from a height of 76 metres. This water fall has both lower and upper falls. The upper fall is the second highest in the region and is known to take a leap of about 250 feet.

Catherine Falls is a double-cascaded waterfall located in Kotagiri, The Nilgiris District, Tamil nadu and it is also a major tourist spot in Kotagiri. It is on the Mettupalayam road branching off at Aravenu. The upper fall drops to the floor, and is the second highest in the mountains. The waters from the upper stream of the Kallar River are crossed by the invisible Mettupalayam-Ooty road beyond the mountains in the south-west.

The height of waterfalls is about 250 ft. Catherine Falls is named after the wife of M.D. Cockburn, believed to have introduced the coffee plantation to Kotagiri. The native name of the Catherine Falls is Geddhehaada Halla, meaning "Foothills Dale River". It can clearly been seen from the top of Dolphin's Nose if seeing the entire waterfall as one total impression is what you are looking for. It is also possible to take a road to the top of the falls. If you need to stay overnight, cottages are available very close to Catherine Falls at Catherine Greens.

Apart from the St. Catherine Water Falls, tourists can visit the nearby Uyilatty Falls or Elk Falls, which is around 8 km from Kotagiri. Moreover, Kotagiri is home to the Rangaswamy Peak, which is around 1785 metres high. This biconical peak is a sacred hill among the residents of Nilgiri. It is believed that Lord Rangaswamy, who lived in Karamadai in Coimbatore, came here after a quarrel with his wife.

Catherine Falls, also known as St. Catherine's Falls, is located in the area that surrounds Coonoor. This beautiful waterfall falls from an impressive 250 feet. It can clearly been seen from the top of Dolphin's Nose if seeing the entire waterfall as one total impression is what you are looking for. It is also possible to take a road to the top of the falls. This vantage point allows you to truly appreciate the awesome power that Mother Nature has contained within a waterfall as you look down the 250 feet to the pool of water and its surrounding landscape below. To reach the top of the hills tourist should take a diversion at Aravenu on Kotagiri - Mettupalayam road.

Kalhatti Falls


Kalhatti falls is 13km away from the Ooty city. It is on the road to Mysore road or Sigur Ghat Road. You have to go 2 miles from kalhatti village to reach the Kalhatti falls. It is one of the tourist destination in ooty. It is also a beautiful picnic spot. The falls is connected by the motorable road. Most of them select this spot for Hiking, Bird Watching and Trekking

Outstanding amongst other trekking goals of Ooty, Kalhatti Water Falls is situated at 2000 meters above ocean level. Kalhatti Water Falls brag a tallness of 40 meters. The beautiful magnificence of the place appeals sightseers from everywhere.

The perspective of these spouting waterfalls is really unmatched. Trekkers get a chance to experience incredible trails to achieve this fantastic fascination. It is an awesome place where nature sweethearts can go near nature and loosen up. Likewise, picture takers can shoot astonishing sights of the falls and surroundings districts.

These falls are also known as ‘Bird Watchers Paradise’. The spot is great for short trips and picnics because of the calm and tranquil atmosphere surrounding it. The fresh water lake is also an important attraction of Bellikkal, making it one of the favored places to visit in Ooty.

Mukurthi National Park

                 Mukurthi National Park is a protected area. Previously it was known as "Nilgiris Tahr National Park" . It is situated on a high raised ground at Nilgiris. The park is characterised by montance grassland and shrublands. It is a home to endangered wildlife, including royal Bengal Tiger and Asian Elephant. Its main mammal attraction is the Nilgiri Tahr. It is the India's first International Biosphere Reserve. There are also leopard, sambar deer, barking deer, small Indain civet, shrew, soft furred rat. There are also birds including threatened laughingthrush, whistling thrush, woodcock etc.., Predatory black-winged kite, kestrel etc., may see in the grasslands. This area is also home to the numerous flora. The main objective is to conserve the endangered shola grasslands ecosystem and its epedemic flora and fauna.

Ooty honeymoon boat house

Honeymoon boathouse  is one of the emerging sightseeing spots in Ooty.  Some may not be aware of this spot. It is situated on the west side of the main Ooty boathouse. Started around mid of 2004 and it is the most and best suitable place for newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon trip. Kashmiri shikhara Boat ride is the special boat ride in this spot. There is a paved walkway in the lake, which is very scenic and beautiful. So, don't forget to walk on the pavement and take snaps to enjoy the nature beauty at its best.

Ooty Honeymoon boat house, the best place for  honeymoon  couples  to spend memorable moments in Ooty,  Long paved walkway  surrounded with green tree and lake,  The best place to be with loved ones to spend more time with the less crowded area, Sure it is a safe and secure place for couples. Must visit place for honeymoon couples.

It’s time to soothe your eyes with the everlasting beauty of Ooty at the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House. Nestled opposite the main boat house, the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House is a perfect place for tourists to hang out and spend leisure evenings in Ooty.

A must-visit destination for honeymooners and couples looking to rekindle their romance, the Ooty Honeymoon Boat House offers a pleasant atmosphere along with the calmness and serenity. It is an exotic destination to relax and rejuvenate and has everything that you need to make your Ooty tour a memorable one. Unlike the other places in Ooty, it is relatively less crowded.

Take a short stroll on the pathway with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. Enjoy the boat ride to bring some excitement to your trip. Go for shopping at various shops around and get some souvenirs back home.


6th Mile Ooty

Nestled in the Nilgiris, Ooty is blessed with natural beauty. There are picturesque green valleys, towering blue mountains and numerous tranquil waterfalls. Scenic viewpoints are everywhere to drench yourself in the panoramic views of the landscape. 6th Mile Ooty is one such tourist spot.

Where is 6th Mile Ooty? It is 6 miles (or about 10 km) away from Ooty. It is a part of the Wenlock Downs and numerous Indian movie shootings have taken place over the years. The area is surrounded by dense Shola forests, and those form a stunning backdrop for these extensive lush green grasslands.

6th Mile Shooting Spot Ooty is relaxing, and it’s a pleasant space allowing you an escape from the chaotic hustle and bustle of city life. Even the drive towards 6th Mile has a calming effect. So, pack your bags and don’t forget to check this serene landscape during your Ooty trip.

Surrounded by the Shola forest, the location of 6th Mile Ooty offers a perfect opportunity for some quick but spectacular photographs of the valley. Settle down your bags, pull out your camera and let the lens capture the greenery around, with the Nilgiris standing tall at a distance.

Living nearby 6th Mile are the members of the ethnic Toda tribe. You can recognise their iconic barrel-shaped munds even from a distance. Made up of bamboo and grass, the striking feature of these huts is the small door. You will have to crawl through to enter or exit. Also, Toda munds don’t have any windows


9th Mile Ooty

Also called Wenlock Downs, 9th Mile Ooty is a scenic tourist spot, 15 km (i.e. 9 miles) away from Ooty. The location boasts of vast meadows sprawling out to, what seems like infinity.

Once upon a time, it acted as a hunting ground for the British and the Europeans. But now, 9th Mile is one of the most spectacular tourist spots in Ooty. The place also appeared in many Indian movies like Deewana, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Raja Hindustani and others. And the locals, thus, nicknamed 9th Mile as Shooting Medu.

This shooting spot in Ooty is a part of the Wenlock Downs, and together with 6th Mile, 9th Mile Ooty adds up to the beauty of the town’s landscape.

9th Mile Shooting Point Ooty offers you breathtaking and unobstructed views of the Nilgiris afar and acts as the perfect spot to spend a few hours away from the noisy city life. Climb up the view point to adore the 360-degree views of the neighbourhood.

The area is dotted with Shola forests and as gorgeous as these grasslands are, so relaxing the drive towards it is.

 Hiking up to the view point – The rolling grasslands you see from the roadside is only a part of what 9th Mile in Ooty has. To embrace the views it offers, you have to trek up the trail to the top. The slope is steep and will take you around 15 minutes of hard work. From the peak, you can savour dense and green Shola forest around, pristine Pykara Lake at a distance and Nilgiris in the background.

  1. Soaking in the views– If you don’t feel yourself prime enough to go for the hike, you can spend time at the levelled landscape itself. Settle down, look around and enjoy the breeze while taking Instagram friendly photos of yourself.
  2. Horse riding– Trained gentle horses are available near the entrance of 9th Mile Ooty location. Pay the charges, and a horse is available for you to carry you up to the top. Take it for a ride, enjoy the views and come back. It takes about 15-20 minutes, and the horse-trainer will be with you all the time.



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