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Ooty Weather and Temperature, Best time to visit Ooty

Ooty Weather and Temperature,Climate/Best time to visit Ooty

Find Ooty Weather,Temperature now, And know about the Best time to visit Ooty, The Nilgiris

The climate and weather of Ooty is pleasant throughout the year owing to its strategic location set amidst the Nilgiris Blue Mountain range fringed along the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu thus lending a cool atmosphere to the region throughout the year.

Ooty experiences a tropical climate with each season bringing relative small variations in its temperature and is enough to set your mood for a pleasant vacation trip to Ooty that welcomes you with its abound hospitality.

Ooty is amongst those few hill stations favourable to visit all year around due to its average temperature that sets the tone for an enchanting vacation. The change in weather and climate of Ooty also brings with it varied aspects of the beauty of this hilly region.

While the summer weather of Ooty welcomes a colourful and delightful climate, the autumn lends a picturesque scenic view to this hill station followed by winters that brings the thrill of a cold and nail biting climate.

The lush green environ of Ooty is a delight for tourists during the pleasant months between February and March and summer season that runs from April through to June with temperatures ranging between 10 Degree C and hitting the maximum mark of 22 Degree C offering one of the best time to plan your travel to Ooty. There are periods when Ooty is intervened by hot temperatures, during which it is advisable to use sunscreen lotions and opt for clothing made of light cottons with long sleeves but do note that clothing with over exposure of skin is considered highly and culturally inappropriate in Ooty.

Ooty enjoys unannounced rainfall during the summer months that gradually increase towards the extreme end of the season when the showers are heavy especially between June and September with the onslaught of northeast monsoons falling between October and December too.

Ooty experiences an average annual rainfall measuring approx. 121 centimeters during when the hills blossoms with verdant greenery. It is also recommended to carry along a light windcheater, raincoat and cotton clothes. Trek routes are closed during monsoon which is the only drawback during this season. Post monsoon, Ooty is tranquil and echoes with abundant natural beauty of the Hills and its verdant valleys and streams in full uproar.

Ooty winter months are the coolest time of year with temperatures averaging between 5 Degree C and 20 Degree C, making this by far the best time to visit Ooty. Ensure to carry along winter clothing like warm clothes and heavy woolens and it is recommended to dress modestly. You can also plan your visit to Ooty between September and November with temperatures ranging between 10 Degree C and 19 Degree C offering the best time for a pleasurable vacation.

The weather of Ooty changes into a blissful spring season post winters when the Hill Station is most colourful and filled with the ripe blossoms of fresh flora and leaves. The surrounding hills bustles with the varied hues of different regional flowers.

Summing up, the climate of Ooty brings with it bright summer months that sets the region ablaze with abundance of greenery that is trapped in the warmth of a submissive sun. The weather of Ooty then gradually welcomes the bliss of autumn that covers the forest with a thriving blanket of gold and russet leaves strewn along broken pathways and trails lending a perfect poster-picture of the town. The climate of Ooty is then enveloped with the cold weather of the winter months that wraps the entire region with a blanket of chill and twinges the area with the freshness of natural unpolluted air.

Ooty attracts a large crowd of tourists during all the seasons however it is advisable to avoid the monsoon months unless your visit to Ooty is mandatory or you just want to remain indoors, experience the wet season and avoid any tourist activities.

Over the years, Ooty has grown to become one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world that can be credited to the hill station's refreshingly high quality climate and weather conditions making it worth visiting during any season.

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