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Best Resorts in Ooty, Hotel Booking at best price

Best Resorts in Ooty, Hotel Booking at best price

You can find the best resorts in ooty, Hotel booking at the best price in ooty, The Nilgiris with your budget for a day or two days or three days.

Ooty Resorts and Cottages in Ooty are a delight to for tourists looking for a place to stay amidst the verdant Nilgiri Hills. Resorts in Ooty are set close to some of the most beautiful tea estates and lush surroundings apt for a family vacation or as a honeymoon destination for couples and newlyweds.

Resorts and cottages in Ooty offer a perfect start for the forthcoming holiday in Ooty as you travel to this quaint Hill Station by the World Heritage Nilgiri Mountain train from Mettupalayam.

Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty offer a cozy accommodation close to a fire place in a home-like atmosphere. You get an opportunity to enjoy nature and soaking in the view of the valley as you sit out in the sun sipping a cup of the famous Nilgiri tea or coffee. The tall eucalyptus trees make soft hush noises as they sway by the cool breeze lending a perfect state for relaxation.

The position of these Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty allows you can spend time in nature walks or enjoy a lazy afternoon relaxing on one of the hammocks hanging with the resort premises while watching squirrels sneak past you.

There is a number of Jungle Resorts around Ooty such as the Ambuja Farm House which is strategically positioned at the eastern edge of the stunning Bandipur National Park & Sanctuary and set amidst a green forest land which is apt for nature lovers. A short drive of 80 Kms from Ooty takes through a splendid journey into the abode of this private Holiday Home and Farm House that is recognized by the Department of Tourism where you can enjoy the bounty of nature to the optimum.

Bandipur Safari Lodge

The Bandipur Safari Lodge is another famous Safari Lodge which is strategically placed halfway between the Mysore - Ooty Road and just adjacent to the renowned Bandipur National Park. Another lodge apt for nature lovers where you get to enjoy the fresh mountain breeze, valleys of the picturesque greenery that is not only inviting but invigorating as a perfect backdrop to a wildlife safari experience.

Tusker Trails

Tusker Trails as the name suggests is prominently placed within the precincts of the famous Bandipur National Park and is aptly named after this Elephant Sanctuary. It is also one of the popular Jungle Safari Lodges near Ooty that offers tourists and wildlife enthusiasts with a wide variety of room services, amenities and facilities with the assurance of complete comfort along with a host of outdoor entertainment and activities to keep all guests occupied. This lodge is a perfect place to experience the wealth of nature and an unforgettable holiday experience amidst a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Ooty has always been one of the most popular summer resorts of the British and today is a famous tourist destination in India. Apt for Family vacations, honeymoon trips, wildlife expeditions and adventure tours, the Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty welcomes you to its spacious and well furnished retreat that will remind you of your home however, with the extra benefits of all luxuries of a world class Hotel.

Most of the Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty are adorned with antique furniture and the best of hospitality services including a range of delectable cuisines to keep your tummies satisfied. Ooty Resorts also conduct thrilling and exciting nature treks, picnics to enjoy and wildlife sanctuaries expeditions to visit including a game of golf at the Ooty Golf course and boating trips amidst the various lakes of Ooty.

The holiday experience that these Ooty Resorts and Cottages in Ooty offer is sure to be exhausting but exhilarating and you’d want to come back to Ooty for more such activities.

Ooty Resorts and Ooty Cottages makes for an excellent holiday retreat set away from the torrid summer heat of the plains including the dust and pollution of the city. The Resorts in Ooty are ideal for tourists looking for a comfortable but affordable stay coupled with an unparalleled gracious reception and a grand service to match the needs of tourists visiting Ooty.

Resorts in Ooty as well as Ooty Cottages are nestled within the lap of the Nilgiris offering a green carpet of lush valleys to scan through and the added beauty of walking by the cascading streams and impressive waterfalls fringed by a variety of wild flowers, flora and fauna and birds that combine to make Ooty one of the most fascinating tourist place to visit.

The Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty justly reflect the desire to retain whatever is left of an erstwhile colonial era and ancient heritage attributes that make your stay memorable. These Ooty Resorts believe in offering the finest accommodation coupled with the best premium facilities, amenities and services that they find extremely proud to share with their guests.

The span of unending greenery of Ooty Resorts and Ooty Cottages are sure to keep you captivated for the duration of stay that is reserved exclusively for you. Carefully developed amidst a secluded yet scenic location of Ooty, these Resorts in Ooty will assure quality vacation, spacious and well furnished guest rooms, excellent hospitality, healthy farm food and an experience to take back home from the qualified and inspiring hosts of these resorts.

The Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty are known to offer personalized attention and care to all their guests with the added advantage of rooms facing the panoramic sights of the surrounding cloud laden hilltops of Ooty, the arrangement of tea estates and sprawling lawns and a chance for you to experience heaven on earth.

List of Resorts in Ooty and Cottages in Ooty

Aarani Cottage, Ooty

Aarani Cottage, Ooty is a two-storey contemporary Home designed keeping tourists seeking for a serene vacation in mind. The Ground floor features three well furnished bedrooms equipped with an attached bath, TV and a common dining room and a small kitchenette for use while the Upper floor features three larger bedrooms with flat screen TV in each room including modern comforts for a great stay.

ASP Cottages, Ooty

ASP Cottages, Ooty is a perfect home stay that is designed for an ideal holiday or honeymoon trip. This is where guests will get to experience the pristine and scenic beauty of Ooty and rejuvenate amidst the verdant green landscape that is sure to refresh your mind, soul and body.

Best In Nest Cottage, Ooty

Best In Nest Cottage, Ooty offers vacationers with exceptional accommodation in Ooty. Situated just a few kms away from the Ooty Railway Station, this Cottage is sandwiched with appealing interiors and rooms equipped with attached bath, beds with luxurious linen including 24 hours in-room dining service and all the comforts for an unforgettable holiday experience in Ooty.

Blue Valley Jungle Resorts

Blue Valley Jungle Resorts, Masinagudi is situated 27 kms from Ooty away from the usual crowd and placed at the foot hills of the highest peaks of Nilgiris in South India amidst the precincts of the stunning and expansive Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, known as the thickest forest in Asia measuring 450 sq. kms. This Jungle Resort, as appropriately named, spans over a large green valley measuring over 32 acres. This area is studded with vast expanses of green wood touched by the cool breeze and misty caped hills of the Nilgiris Hills.

Brookdale Village, Ooty

Brookdale Village, Ooty is a serene and luxurious Resort set in an idyllic and picturesque spot of natural beauty. The Resort is placed away from the hustle and bustle of Ooty situated about 24 kms from this spot and is close enough to reach Ooty in 30 minutes. Brookdale offers a cozy ambience in cottage style accommodation that tempts many tourists to its abode. This Resort interacts brilliantly with the different aspects of nature with aplenty activities to occupy your day and entertainment options to occupy your evenings.

British Cliff Club Resort, Ooty

British Cliff Club Resort, Ooty is an eco-friendly Resort situated on a mountain cliff situated about 1.5 kilometers above the Ooty Race course. It spans over an area of 3.5 acres offering splendid views of the serene and peaceful surroundings of the misty Blue Nilgiri Hills. A trip on a Jeep safari to this Resort is a must to experience one of the most memorable ride and escapades especially for adventure enthusiasts visiting this Hill Station. For the less adventurous visitors, a more comfortable ride to the resort is arranged.

Casa Deep Woods, Ooty

Casa Deep Woods, Ooty is a Jungle Retreat situated in the heart of Mudumalai Forest and Sanctuary considered as the largest green belt in South East Asia. This Resort caters to all wildlife and nature enthusiasts who visit Ooty to seek solace and enjoy a peaceful vacation amidst lush green environs.

Cozy Home Cottage, Ooty

Cozy Home Cottage, Ooty as the name suggests is a cozy holiday cottage situated in Ooty. This Cottage Home is placed at a distance of half a kilometer from the famous Ooty Railway Station and Ooty Bus Stand. It is strategically located close to the stunning Ooty Lake and the scenic Botanical Gardens, just 2 Kms away. The Cottage features 2 Bedrooms with an attached bath, Sitting & Dining Hall and a Kitchen for use.

Deccan Plaza, Ooty

Deccan Plaza, Ooty offers a range of accommodation options ranging from double rooms to cottages that are aesthetically designed with supreme comfort and to suit the requirements of every guest. This Resort ensures to maintain the highest of International standards and adherence to hygiene and the comfort levels of all guests to match with the best of Hotels in Ooty. The interiors are tastefully decorated with impeccable attention to detail in style and comfort.

Destiny The Farmstay, Ooty

Destiny The Farmstay, Ooty is situated amidst the Ooty valley and hills and close to the stunning lake of Ooty. As the name states, it is a farm house and holiday home which is completely self-sufficient set on the edge of wilderness. It features an eco-friendly farming site dressed with a wealth of vegetables that can be relished.

Doddabetta Resort, Ooty

Doddabetta Resort, Ooty is situated at Kotagiri Road in the suburb of Ooty and Tourists will enjoy this prime location equipped with furnished rooms and good services and facilities for a comfortable stay at Suburb area of Ooty.

Future Cottage, Ooty

Future Cottage, Ooty is a cozy and deluxe holiday home situated at Ooty and just half a km from the Ooty railway station and a km from the Ooty bus stand. This Cottage is also placed close to the Ooty Lake and Botanical Gardens which are both situated approximately 2 kms away.

Green Park Resort, Ooty

Green Park Resort, Ooty is located at a distance of 30 kms from Ooty and 125 kms from Coimbatore Airport. This Resort offers excellent sightseeing tour packages to all its guests as it is conveniently placed close to major tourist spots in Ooty. Driving to this Resort offers a scenic and thoroughly enjoyable experience which is a must-try for all guests travelling from the Coimbatore Airport or Railway Station at Mettupalayam to this resort.

The Howard Johnson Monarch Safari Park, Ooty

The Howard Johnson Monarch Safari Park, Ooty is situated North West of Ooty atop one of the highest points of the Nilgiri Mountains from where the terrain drops down into the thick and dense Nilgiri forests from where the world famous Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary spans over a massive ground area home to a variety of flora and fauna habitat. The jungle is loaded with fragrant sandalwood tree and several rare varieties of trees offering nature tourists with a perfect wildlife expedition and holiday experience amidst a flourishing land and abundant natural surroundings.

Jungle Hut, Ooty

Jungle Hut, Ooty is located at the foothills of the magnificent Nilgiris surrounded with dense forest lands. This Jungle retreat is perfectly placed on the edge of the famous Bandipur National Park and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary thus offering nature lovers with the best wildlife holiday experience in Ooty.

Jungle Retreat, Ooty

Jungle Retreat, Ooty is known for the hospitality services of the Mathias family, the caretakers of this Retreat nestled at the foothills of the stunning green Nilgiris and set away from the dust, heat and pollution of the town. This Jungle retreat nestles amidst the shelters of nature and hence is a paradise by itself. It is strategically situated on the borders of two wildlife sanctuaries at Bandipur and Mudumalai thus offering the best adventure experience to remember for a lifetime.

Kurumba Village Resort, Ooty

Kurumba Village Resort, Ooty is an impressive Country Resort that was named after an ancient Kurumba village tribe. It features a number of Cottages placed amidst a collection of spice tree region where nutmeg, cloves, and pepper are grown. It is placed adjacent to the Ghat Road that lies between Ooty and Mettupalayam and hence is apt as a relaxing vacation destination away from the busy and crowded streets of Ooty.

Lamlin Cottage, Ooty

Lamlin Cottage, Ooty is a cozy holiday home situated in Ooty and overlooks the stunning Ooty Valley. This Cottage in Ooty features 2 guest bedrooms that are apt for honeymoon couples or a quiet vacation and weekend getaway for a couple and a small family. The House is well placed amidst its own green gardens that are wrapped with the freshness of nature.

Marlborough House, Ooty

Marlborough House, Ooty a Colonial Mansion that still reflects the craftsmanship and architecture of the colonial era. It is surrounded by stunning expanse of picturesque beauty and well manicured English gardens and lawns that emanates the feeling of a cozy home-like atmosphere. This Bungalow features six elegant, spacious and well furnished bedrooms offering a perfect respite from a hectic lifestyle and the experience of being closer to nature.

Mango Tree Bungalow, Ooty

Mango Tree Bungalow, Ooty is a Colonial Mansion that dates back to the early 1900s depicting a typical architecture of the early 20th Century. This Bungalow offers a stunning view of the Nilgiris which is apt for relaxation and lazing around and has been a solitary vacation venue for many celebrities. The Bungalow is set on a complete private location away from urbanization thus offering a completely undisturbed and peaceful vacation experience. The Mansion is situated on a 650-acre tea estate surrounded by immense greenery. Its gardens are apt as playgrounds for kids.

Maruthi Cottages, Ooty

Maruthi Cottages, Ooty is situated on Church Hill Road in Ooty and on a Hillock overlooking the stunning greenery of the Nilgiris. This Cottage acts as an ideal nature vacation destination to all budget travelers looking for an affordable stay equipped with complete modern comforts for a relaxed and memorable holiday experience. Families, couples or friends looking for a serene getaway from the noisy and polluted city life can find complete solace and peace within this Cottage.

Nightshade Inn Cottages, Ooty

Nightshade Inn Cottages, Ooty is situated just 3 Kms from the Ooty Railway Station and features heater fitted Independent guest bedrooms equipped with an attached bath and hot water geyser including a well stocked Kitchenette equipped with a fridge and a Microwave oven. This Cottage offers 24 hours security and a concealed car parking area including 24 hours Power Backup and Housekeeping services allowing for a comfortable stay at an affordable price.

O'LAND Estate, Ooty

O'LAND Estate, Ooty is a 140-acre lush green and organic estate situated just 40 minutes from Ooty as well as Coonoor. Owing to its strategic location, it offers tourists with a unique combination of an eco-friendly luxury accommodation coupled with a wildlife experience, activities and food made from its organic produce.

Safari Land Farm & Guest House, Ooty

Safari Land Farm & Guest House, Ooty as the name suggests, is an eco-friendly jungle resort and Safari retreat situated near the sprawling Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. This Resort is apt for tourist on a wildlife expedition trip to Ooty and serves as the closest accommodation option that allows you to enjoy the wildlife and splendor of nature without the compromise of quality services and excellent well furnished rooms equipped with all the modern comforts. It offers an absolute pollution-free environment and hence is a preferred choice of stay for most city dwellers visiting Ooty.

Sedgemore Wells, Ooty

Sedgemore Wells, Ooty offer tourists with an ensuite that allows private access to a living room equipped with a fire place, 2 well furnished bedrooms, an attached bath with a bathtub with 24 hours hot & cold water including a shower enclosure fitted with a Shower panel. Each bedroom is equipped with luxurious quilted bedding and a wall mounted 22 inch LCD TVs.

Space Inn Resort, Ooty

Space Inn Resort, Ooty offers its guests with comfortable accommodation within its three bedroom villas, two bedroom Cottages and single bedroom cottages furnished in European décor and dressed with wall-to-wall carpet. Each cottage is equipped with all the modern comforts like hot and cold running water, CCTV, telephone with direct dial facility and several other modern amenities, facilities and services to choose from. 24 hours in-room dining service is available with a choice of your favorite cuisines to serve you at your convenience and privacy.

S. R. Cottages, Ooty

S. R. Cottages, Ooty is known as one of the best holiday Cottages in Ooty that welcomes guests with the best of Hospitality services and offer accommodation at a very competitive rate. This Cottage is apt for Group Travelers and College Students on vacation in Ooty. This Guest House offers you with a comfortable accommodation without having the fear of stretching your holiday budget and hence can use the cash to enjoy the exotic sights in Ooty and the magic of the Blue Nilgiris Mountain Ranges and the spacious scenic green expanses.

Sri Balaji Cottage, Ooty

Sri Balaji Cottage, Ooty is ideal for tourists looking for an affordable stay at spacious 1 bedroom to 4 Bedroom cottages equipped with an attached bath with 24 Hours Hot & Cold Water, well furnished beds, Kitchen Facilities, Colour TV with Satellite Channels, 24 Hour in-room Dining Service, Doctor On Call, Tour and Travel Counter, Car Rental Facilities, Car Parking Facilities and Camp Fire activities to look forward to.

West Nature Cottages, Ooty

West Nature Cottages, Ooty features an Ensuite with a private access to a main sitting room and bedrooms with attach bath equipped with a bathtub, shower enclosure and 24 Hours Hotel & Cold Water. This Cottage features 2 well furnished bedrooms with luxurious quilted bedding and wall mounted 22 inch LCD TVs including all the modern comforts for a great holiday vacation experience in Ooty.


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