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Best Things to do in Ooty for couples, with family

Best Things to do in Ooty for couples, with family 

You can find the best things to do in ooty for couples, with family, with kids at day, night and the month of January, May, June and Augest. Also find the best places to visit in ooty,The Nilgiris District.

Ooty presents tourists with a number of opportunities to fulfill their desire for adventure sports, wildlife expeditions and numerous Activities and Things to do in Ooty. Ooty is truly gifted with a pleasant climate all year round and natural scenic abundance transforming it into a perfect multi-purpose destination apt for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Ooty presents tourists with an exciting opportunity to unleash their sporting skills to explore nature completely while also enjoying a plethora of thrilling outdoor sports like hiking in Ooty, trekking in Ooty, mountain biking in Ooty, angling and hang-gliding in Ooty.

Mountain Biking in Ooty including Hang- gliding and Angling in Ooty are a few adventurous sports filled with the desired excitement and thrills that all tourists will enjoy in Ooty. The exciting sport of angling or fishing in Ooty will take you back to your childhood days, when nets and a fishing rod were invariable a part of your Family Day out or summer vacations.

Angling in Ooty is quite a popular sport owing to the numerous water bodies, lakes and streams that flows through the Nilgiris. Fishing in Ooty’s crystal clear waters and small gurgling streams is a memorable experience. Apart from these outdoor activities, tourists can also enjoy the adventurous sports of trekking that is sure to capture the imagination of all as you cross path with nature in its abundant form.

There is in Ooty apart from its stunning view. Tourists can indulge in educational walks within the numerous Tea Gardens or spend time with the wild amidst the stunning scenic Parks and Sanctuaries strewed in and around Ooty. One can take time off to just relax or enjoy slow-paced strolls while taking in all the stunning sights of Ooty. Enjoy the pleasant climate of Ooty and its surroundings while getting a rejuvenating traditional South Indian massage with the use of unique and medicinal ayurvedic oils which is one of the best ways to unwind and de-stress. While in Ooty, you must also make time to sample the local Ooty cuisine and the traditional frothy South Indian style coffee that is not only delectable but famous around India.

There is not much of Things for Kids to do in Ooty; however, being a multi-purpose tourist destination, Ooty does offer young kids and adults a fairly decent purpose-built attraction to keep the children occupied with several games, pony rides and mini train rides near the Ooty Lake. The beautiful landscape of Ooty is one thing that can be enjoyed by all ages and Ooty offers the perfect venue and climatic conditions for kids to enjoy quality time with their parents and family members on a family holiday vacation or enjoying the sights by venturing on a short trip touring the region of Ooty. Several Hotels in Ooty also feature a children's playground and an indoor playroom including swimming pools for kids to enjoy in.

The Honey & Bee Museum in Ooty is a great edutainment option for children. This is a novel project that was commenced by the NGO named Keystone Foundation to offer information on the indigenous honey bees and how the traditional indigenous tribal people harvest them. This Museum features a knowledge resource centre on the environment, people and especially bees including a children's activity room. This is the first Honey and Bee Museum that focuses on offering traditional knowledge and practices on Bees and Honey using live demonstration of bees and their specimens with the use of both traditional and modern tools that are used in honey gathering and beekeeping activities.

The Jolly World in Ooty is another place where kids can enjoy a good time. This is a Theme Park apt for young children aged 12 years and below. Located at the Lake Boat House, this Park features a small selection of games and small rides that are geared only towards the enjoyment of toddlers and children.

The Ooty Children’s Park situated towards the eastern end of the Ooty Lake is also another entertainment venue in Ooty especially designed for kids. It features wide-open spaces and scenic natural beauty where children can play around safely and at the same time learn to appreciate nature.

For Adults in Ooty range from activities like a game of billiards, snooker, pool and so forth in the ‘game rooms’ situated within the Ooty Hotel premises. Swimming in Ooty is another joyous activity that many tourists will find attractive. Numerous First Class Hotels in Ooty feature Swimming pools apt for Adults and Kids alike.

Apart from the aforementioned several Ooty Activities to indulge in, we have compiled a detailed list of Things to do in Ooty and Activities in Ooty to choose from, for your reference purpose and convenience.

Ayurveda in Ooty

Ayurveda in Ooty allows Tourists to sample the wonders of medicinal Herbs and is an ancient approach to medicine and sound health. Ayurveda messages are very famous in Ooty and are extremely beneficial for all to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to detoxify our bodies. Luxury Hotels in Ooty offer Spa treatments with the use of Herbal ointments and Ayurvedic oils that help in toning our body and rejuvenates our senses. Tourists can enjoy a complete body-detoxification session with the famous Panchakarma Treatment for a week at least else you can opt for a single session of the relaxing Garshana massage or Shirodhara massage Treatments that are definitely exhilarating and refreshing.

Angling in Ooty

Angling in Ooty is another sport and activity that Tourists can engage in. This is a perfect activity for avid anglers as well as novices to enjoy mixed water fishing at the various lakes, streams and water bodies in and around Ooty. It is also imperative to obtain a Fishing license from the Assistant Director of Fisheries in Ooty before you get involved in this activity. Hang-Gliding in Ooty is another activity that Tourists can enjoy. The Department of Tourism facilitates this activity and has undertaken the initiative to engage people to hang-glide in Ooty by organizing several courses, every year, during the months of March, April and May.

Mountain Biking in Ooty

Mountain Biking in Ooty is a contemporary way of enjoying the entire natural splendor of Ooty as you cycle through the narrow trails and undulating terrains of Ooty. The region around Ooty offers a stunning opportunity for mountain biking up to higher altitudes set amidst the Nilgiris mountain ranges. An apt attire and the zeal of a true sportsman along with a guided professional allows you to enjoy the thrilling journey as you engage in the adventurous activity of mountain biking.

Ooty Trekking Tours

Ooty Trekking Tours offer tourists with numerous off-the-beaten trails and marked pathways to traverse through thus offering adventure and nature lovers with a unique way to explore the exotic blue hazed Nilgiris mountain ranges and its scenic yet mesmerizing landscapes. Trekking in Ooty is a definite adventurous sport to look forward to as these trekking expeditions in Ooty will assure one of the memorable experiences of a lifetime for all mountain trekkers. Ooty trekking paths are laden with easy and noticeable tracks including rough and rugged terrains and undulating slopes and valleys that provide tourists with an excellent opportunity to unleash their hidden and yet inherent adventurous zeal and also give them an opportunity to soak in the spectacular sights of nature.

Shopping in Ooty

Shopping in Ooty is one of the most engaging activities that tourists can experience and indulge in while in Ooty. Shopaholics would enjoy a shopping spree in Ooty Malls and Small Local Shops that are lined along the waysides. Blessed with the abundance of nature, Ooty promises to present you with fine flavored and aromatic tea leaves, coffee powders, sweet honey, eucalyptus oil and several locally grown fruits at their freshest best. The Shopping Malls in Ooty are well stocked with some of the best natural produces from the luxuriant forests that spans over the region. Thus, Ooty makes for a perfect Shoppers’ Paradise.

Dining in Ooty

Dining out in Ooty is one of the most enjoyable activities to indulge in while in Ooty and it is not surprising to notice that the cuisines in Ooty barely differ from what can be found all over India. Ooty offers excellent Dining out options and Food outlets including Fine Dine Restaurants and Roadside food Stalls to choose from and numerous Café Shops serving traditional South Indian Coffee, a must-try. The Restaurants in Ooty and Café Shops in Ooty including the multitudinous Dining-Out Outlets in Ooty are well established across the State of Tamil Nadu and the rest of the country. They are known to serve some of the most delectable South India fare as well as a selection of varied food fare and the best tea and coffee from this region, a must-try as well.

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