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Nilgiris Special Lemon Tea

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Nilgiris Special Lemon Tea

Natural Dry Lemon powder added in finest tea are blended in a unique proportion, which gives out an exquisite aroma and taste of tea along with Lemon flavour

 Nilgiris Tea holds a special place in many of our hearts

Nilgiris is mainly a plantation district highly favourable for tea cultivation. You got plenty to choose from: dust and leaf, black, green, black and white varieties; and flavours such as Masala, Cardamom , Ginger and even chocolate

If you are a Tea lover, then get Original Nilgiri tea Direct from us.

Ooty Tea comes to you from the Blue Mountains of Ooty. Made in the famous district of Nilgiris, the tender leaves in Ooty Tea are carefully picked and blended to produce some of the finest tea in the world.
We ensure that the quality of Ooty Tea is  guaranteed as it comes from small farmers, who care about the crop they harvest. We take utmost care about the reputation of our tea: we are proud of where it comes from, Ooty, and the farmers who produced it.
Ooty Teas taste wonderful and are a refreshing alternative to your daily cup of coffee. They come in different flavours and are perfect for creating your own blend. They are simple yet sophisticated, and you will find each cup to be an extraordinary experience.

OotyMade tea is blend with Natural fresh tea leaves. It make a perfect cup of tea. Can be consumed or served without milk. Enjoy the new world of tea.

We use very high quality ingredients. We believe to produce a finest and great flavoured tea for our customers. We don't sacrifice in the quality and your health.


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