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Religious Places in Ooty

Religious Places in Ooty

Ooty is dotted with a number of Religious Places to visit and worship. Known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’ and for its serene environs, the religious places in Ooty typifies the spiritual tranquility and the harmonious balance of the natural composure of this impressive landscape that anyone will definitely notice and experience during their vacation in Ooty.

Ooty acts as a vast canopy of sloping hills that home the tribal community residing here who practice their own religion, have their own customs and beliefs and have built Temples that still co-exist despite the interventions and settlements of other religious sects and cultural communities. Its environment forms the perfect place for pilgrimage purposes where devotees can get engrossed in their prayers and worship their Gods without any hindrance or interference.

Ooty encompasses an abundance of species of flora or rare trees and plants that have miraculous healing or curative and medicinal properties owing to which many visitors just travel here to rediscover their lost energy, vigor and spirituality. Since the Nilgiri Hills of Ooty are strategically placed on the Western Ghats at a height of 7,500 feet above mean sea level in Southern India, Ooty offers a pleasant climate for a tranquil spiritual vacation to all tourists.

The Religious places in Ooty constitute of Churches, Temples, Mosque and Mutts that indicates the advent of other religious communities and thus illustrates the consequent effects of numerous religious infiltration in Ooty.

Christianity was first religion to infiltrate the Tribal lands of Ooty mainly due to the British Colonies who settled here during the British Rule in India. This catered to a massive conversion of people owing to which numerous Churches sprouted in Ooty during the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries respectively.

The advent of Islam and other Hindu religious sects also occurred henceforth due to settlements of other religious sects that also saw a few Temples, a Mosque and Mutts sprouting around Ooty.

The fusion of religions in Ooty saw an opportunity for many head priests of the varied religious sects to build pilgrimage centres in Ooty and invite devotees to indulge in the spiritual aspects of life which is somewhat lost due to modern and western influences.

The British were the first to notice the peaceful composure of Ooty that caused them to not only convert this Hill Station into their Summer Hill Resort but also to erect Churches where people could visit and offer prayers. The natural tall coniferous and pine trees beautifully line up the pathway to Ooty offering an entrée of tranquility for the weary and spiritually thirsty travelers. Its soothing presence and solitude which is accentuated by the harmonized sounds of chirping birds offer spiritual finders the best haven for attaining that much wanted bliss and nirvana.

Churches in Ooty

Churches in Ooty are placed amidst a perfect blend of peaceful and sanctified sites that caters to the solace and spiritual needs of mankind. These churches were constructed in Ooty to cater to a large Christian population residing in Ooty and neighbouring regions including people who visit Ooty for Spiritual enlightenment and to spend days of retreat. read more about Churches in Ooty

Temples in Ooty

Temples in Ooty reflects the typical South Indian style of architecture where the prime Deity of the Tamil people such as Lord Muruga including Venkatesha Perumal which are highly worshipped by devotees who throng in from every corner of the region. Festivals are celebrated within these Temples in Ooty that contribute to the large number of people visiting Ooty every year and Tour Packages are also available to ensure that your spiritual trip to Ooty is made more organised and meaningful.

Mosques in Ooty

Mosque in Ooty forms the focal point of Muslim Travelers visiting Ooty set amidst the majestic Hills of Tamil Nadu. The Mosque in Ooty is evidence to the existence of Islam in Ooty and the Mosque is a perfect place for religious visits and for Islamic cultural functions and activities in Ooty that witnesses an attendance of a large global crowd of Muslim devotees.

Mutts in Ooty

Mutts in Ooty also spelled as Muths or Maths in Ooty, are Pilgrimage retreats or ashrams in Ooty that offer a fascinating attraction for a meaningful and spiritual vacation for devotees. These Mutts form the apt pilgrim centres in Ooty placed within lush green surroundings and verdant venues that form the perfect sites for meditation and spiritual awareness and in order to attain an inner peace, serenity and calmness of the body, mind and soul and thus are visited by a large number of pilgrims with the prime aim to explore its divinity and sanctity.

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