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Ooty Travel Guide

Ooty is a sojourn destination for most travelers looking for a perfect vacation experience. This once-upon-a-time colonial town witnesses an amazing coexistence of both the indigenous groups and modern world under one umbrella hence showcasing a diverse culture with traditional values and yet welcoming modern interventions making it worth exploring. Ooty is known for its scenic beauty and people enriched with variant characteristics and warm hospitality services.

The numerous diverse aspects of Ooty makes it one of the most desired tourists destination in India and worldwide. This quaint Hill Station can dare to demand every bit of your time and energy owing to its multitudinous places to visit and unknown terrains worth exploring.

Ooty also beckons people to spend quality time by scouting the windy lanes decked with tall eucalyptus trees and elegant cottages reminiscent of a British era that once played a major role in transforming Ooty into a Summer Resort and Tourist Destination as we see it today, thus, leaving you with a worthwhile acquaintance and a memorable canvas of panoramic views etched in your minds and heart for a lifetime.

Ooty is a leisure destination filled with the real magnificence of a charming Hill Station and urbanized enough to cater to the growing demands of tourism each passing year. This is one place where visitors can savour the glimpses of a rich ancient history of Ooty, its heritage and indigenous population including its cultural and traditional aspects that perfectly blend with the current modern infrastructure seen in Ooty and major towns surrounding this region.

Ooty offers a plethora of Top Tourist Attractions, Information Centres, Entertainment options, Activities and Things to do in Ooty, Slow-paced and serene Nightlife including Accommodation options for all visiting this spectacular Hill Station.

While Ooty welcomes you with warm hospitality and a list of Things to indulge in during your stay in Ooty, it is also imperative to understand that in order to make your vacation in Ooty enjoyable and memorable, you must be wary of any handy information that will help you spend a hassle-free and comfortable holiday in Ooty.

Any Information about Ooty and the various tourist places you will be visiting in Ooty can only aid you and assist you in your travel within the city of Ooty and its surrounding regions with ease.

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway

The Nilgiri Mountain Railway [NMR] also better known as the Toy Train of the Nilgiris is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Status and a must try for heritage enthusiasts. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is connected to Ooty from Mettupalayam situated in the foothills to Ooty and offer travelers with a welcome change from the usual taxi cab rides and bus transportation services. NMR promises to offer travelers with a corridor of journey to reminiscent for years to follow as its meanders up the mountain slopes offering a series of scenic view and glimpses of a region that seem to have been untouched by urbanization and still manages to retain much of its old grandeur and charm.

Travelling to Ooty

Travelling to Ooty is easy and offers the most comfortable travelling experience. Apart from the Nilgiri Mountain Rail link that connects Ooty through a narrow gauge line from Mettupalayam as well as Coonoor. Various modes of travelling to Ooty are by road, rail links and air where the nearest Airport connectivity is Coimbatore situated 89 Kms by road from Ooty. Other distances by road from major cities in India include 1320 kms from Mumbai, 535 Kms from Chennai, 160 Kms from Mysore, 498 Kms from Trivandrum, 302 Kms from Tiruchirappalli, 290 Kms from Bangalore, 178 Kms from Calicut, 64 Kms from Mudumalai, 29 Kms from Kotagiri and 19 Kms from Coonoor. Travelling by road and rail link also offers a unique experience by itself as you traverse through an unending expanse of greenery and dense forest areas of the Nilgiris.

Traveling in Ooty

Traveling in Ooty or Getting around in Ooty is quite convenient and easy as availability of local transportation facilities is numerous in Ooty. Ooty features a number of taxi cabs, private tour taxis, three wheeler auto rickshaws and local public buses to choose from. High tourist peak season witnesses multitudinous guided tours available by hiring authorized tour buses and taxis to help you move in and around Ooty. Cabs are readily available from the Ooty City Center while the Ooty Nilgiri Railway Station is just 2 kms by road from the main town area; however, the main Railway Station is situated at Mettupalayam which is 46 Kms away.

Ooty Travel Tips

Ooty Travel Tips is handy information to keep for all tourists visiting Ooty in order to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and safe. Places like Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri are gaining tremendous popularity as Tourist Destinations in India and worldwide and hence it is important to people visiting these places to be informed of the Travel Tips in Ooty including Things to do and not to do during your vacation time. Ooty Travel Tips are handy for people planning a trip, vacation or weekend beak in Ooty.

Do's and Don'ts in Ooty

Do's and Don'ts in Ooty for Tourists and Travelers is very important to ensure a hassle-free vacation. When planning a trip to Ooty, ensure that you keep the Do’s and Don’ts travel information in hand and refer to it when needed. This will greatly assist travelers to warrant any untoward situations and hence ensure a safe and convenient experience throughout your stay in Ooty, Coonoor or Kotagiri.

Banks in Ooty

Banks in Ooty offer excellent financial services like Home Loans, Car Loans, Two Wheeler Loans, Gold Loans and several Mutual Funds and SIP Investment opportunities to customers residing in Ooty and its surrounding regions. Numerous ATMs in Ooty, also contribute to subsequently reduce the daily need for Bank personnel to cater to a large queue of customers wishing to deposit or withdraw cash. Currently, the facilities offered by the numerous Banks and ATMs in Ooty have assisted customers to obtain instant services through the availability of various facilities which was not possible earlier while Bank Staff can dedicate quality time to other prioritized several other important agendas.

Currency Exchange Centres in Ooty

There is several excellent and authorized Currency Exchange Centres in Ooty or Foreign Exchange Offices in Ooty to choose from and assist you in obtaining your desired currency notes.

Hospitals in Ooty

The Ooty Hospitals, Ooty Nursing Homes, Ooty Clinics and Ooty Clinical Labs are the backbone for the much needed medical infrastructure in Ooty. These Hospitals in Ooty and Nursing Homes are admired by all including tourist to obtain instant help and assistance during medical emergencies. Ooty, as a picturesque hill station and popular tourist destination is visited by thousands of tourists every year that might need emergency medical assistance during their stay in Ooty and hence these Hospitals in Ooty and Nursing Homes in Ooty play a vital role in offering the much needed medical services to locals as well as travelers Ooty and are well equipped with all modern facilities and up-to-date lab facilities, OT Facilities including ICU and ICCU Facilities within their promises.

Important Phone Numbers in Ooty

Please do keep a note of the Important Phone Numbers in Ooty before your visit to Ooty in order to ensure assistance during the time of need.

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