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Heritage Hotels in Ooty

Heritage Hotels in Ooty

Heritage Hotels in Ooty play a vital role in drawing a certain crowd of global tourists wanting to experience and relive the old days of Ooty when it was the preceding summer holiday destination of the British and the Madras Presidency as well during the colonial era.

The British shifted to Ooty owing to its picturesque expanse and an all-year-round pleasant climate. This hill station soon became the Colonial Summer Capital where Englishmen and their families flocked in during the scorching summer months that engulfed the cities and towns of the plains of South India.

The British soon realized the potential of Ooty as a Summer Resort and as a result constructed several English Style Cottages to serve the purpose of a Holiday Home for these Englishmen and their families or relatives.

Post independence of India, the British had to abandon Ooty and hence their dwellings and several of these English Cottages and ancient colonial structures were abdicated with the absence of owners or landlords. The rest of the Old Cottages owned by people were not well maintained as the owners could not afford the high maintenance costs.

All these factors resulted in most of these British Cottages being sold off to rich businessmen or acquired by Large Chain of Hotels who converted them into Heritage Hotels in Ooty which is also probably one of the best means of preserving their ancient and old world charm.

Soaked in History, these Heritage Hotels in Ooty are an ideal vacation homes for tourists or history enthusiasts wanting to experience a glimpse of a colonial lifestyle that once existed during the yesteryear.

Ooty Heritage Hotels reflect a unique camaraderie with a colonial past that is its prime attraction that comes from their impressive architecture and demonstration of a remarkable Victorian style of designing. A striking and distinct characteristic of these Heritage Hotels in Ooty is their seamless blend of the Old world charm with modern interventions that make them as one of the most priced and protected buildings of Ooty.

The Heritage Hotels in Ooty are dressed with an ancient elegance reminiscent of a bygone era and yet are equipped with all the benefits and material comforts of the modern world dwelling.

It is no surprise that these Heritage Hotels in Ooty form the focal point of attraction for many visitors who get to encounter a real and unique experience of vacationing in a Heritage property that once where the household of the British Colonial Families and date backs to several centuries ago along with all the comforts of a modern vacation house.

The Ooty Heritage Hotels are distinguished by plush and well furnished accommodation that promises to make your stay luxurious and memorable. The scent of the colonial past steeped within these Heritage Hotels in Ooty will make you come back for sure and the memories will remain etched in your mind for a lifetime.

These Heritage Hotels in Ooty display excellent interiors with spacious and large colonial style rooms that are beautifully dressed with antiquities. The rooms are furnished with antique pieces of furniture and ancient paintings. The cuisine in these Ooty Heritage Hotels is no less exotic and expert chefs follow age old traditional recipes to produce some of the most delectable dishes you’d ever savour in your life.

Apart from the numerous amenities and star class modern facilities offered by these Heritage Hotels in Ooty, the guests are extended with personalized services by the ever respectful and efficient hosts of the Ooty Heritage Hotels that will make you feel important and well taken care of.

List of Heritage Hotels in Ooty

Derby Green

Derby Green, Ooty is a Club Mahindra Heritage Resort that formidably stands on a 5.5 acre of exquisitely landscaped lawns and gardens that offers a distinct combination of the old colonial charm with modern amenities to all its guests. This Hotel is an old colonial structure that has been carefully and diligently refurbished into a Luxury Heritage Hotel that overlooks the race course in Ooty.

Glyngarth Villa Resort

Glyngarth Villa Resort, Ooty is situated near the Ooty Golf Course in Ooty and is in fact a Scottish mansion that was transformed into a stunning Heritage Hotel in Ooty. This is a beautiful resort that spans over 4 acres of lush green expanse with the Nilgiris as the perfect picturesque backdrop offering the best view of the land and region of Ooty.

King's Cliff

King's Cliff, Ooty was once a British mansion that still exudes the old world charm of a colonial era. It is now a Heritage Hotel in Ooty soaked in the luxuries of a bygone period that blends well with the modern comforts and facilities. The King’s Cliff Hotel in Ooty offers an enchanting and spectacular view of the Ooty valley and its mountain ranges.

Kluney Manor

Kluney Manor, Ooty was an erstwhile summer holiday home of Captain Macpherson of the British Army way back in 1828. It later served as a summer resort home for the Maharaja of Patna for several years post independence. Kluney Manor was converted into a Heritage Hotel a few years ago that gives its customers an opportunity to experience the true royal charm of the days of yore.

Lymond House

Lymond House, Ooty is a 155+ year old mansion that was constructed in 1856 and known as one of the oldest buildings in Ooty. This Mansion was originally a three-roomed house that was restored and transformed into a Heritage Home. Tourists are offered the chance to relive the golden era of a colonial charm in a modern age world through this Heritage Home that spans over 2.5 acres of green lawns lending a panoramic view of the valley worth the experience.

Red Hill Nature Resort

Red Hill Nature Resort, Ooty is a 125+ year old mansion that was once the erstwhile bungalow of Sir Willie Collins. It formidably stands within an area surrounded by tea gardens that overlooks the stunning crystal clear Emerald Lake near Ooty. This Nature Resort, as it is aptly named, was recently refurbished into a Heritage Hotel and Resort serving a large global population visiting Ooty.

Taj Savoy Hotel

Taj Savoy Hotel, Ooty is a 150+ year old Heritage Hotel and an exclusive resort of the world famous Taj Hotels and Resorts group. Savoy Hotel stands amidst a 6-acre lush green land that has been maintained well by the staff. This hotel overlooks the picturesque Ooty valley and the surrounding Nilgiris Hills offering all the luxuries for a perfect Holiday vacation in Ooty. This Heritage building was once a school for the European children during the colonial era and may have some intriguing tales to tell.

The Wilds at Northern Hay

The Wilds at Northern Hay, Ooty was once a warehouse of coffee during the colonial era. It was transformed into a colonial jungle lodge within an area spanning over 98 acres of coffee plantation. This Heritage lodge promises to revive the royal old world charm of Ooty set amidst the wilderness of the Nilgiri Hills.

Wallwood Garden

Wallwood Garden, Ooty is a 100+ year old mansion that belonged to a Scottish Major General during the bygone years. It was later sold to a British couple who transformed this cottage into a boarding house for several years. Post independence, this building served the purpose for hoarding Lipton Tea for some time as believed and serves as a Heritage Hotel with all the modern comforts of a perfect accommodation for people looking for a quiet holiday experience in Ooty.

WelcomHeritage Fernhills Palace

WelcomHeritage Fernhills Palace, Ooty is considered as one of the best Heritage Hotels in Ooty that dates back over 167 year ago. This was an erstwhile Mansion that belonged to Captain F. Cotton constructed in 1844. The Mansion was built with red and white stones reminiscent of a typical English mansion style house. The main feature of this Heritage Hotel is the magnificent ballroom finished in authentic Burmese teak that also reveals a highly valued ornamental ceiling made of papier-mâché.

WelcomHeritage Regency Villas

WelcomHeritage Regency Villas, Ooty is a Heritage Hotel situated in Fernhill Palace and spans over a massive land measuring 15 acres filled with immense greenery. This site lends a breathtaking view of the Ooty valley and the Nilgiris Hills perfect for relaxation. This Heritage Hotel was once a part of the Mansion constructed by Capt. F. Cotton in 1844 and its ancient structure is as formidable and well maintained as seen during the colonial times. The architecture is stunning and blends well with all the modern comforts and world class facilities to ensure a comfortable stay for all their customers.


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