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Nilgiris And the Natural Products by Ootymade

Soothing slopes of tea plantations, misty pathways amongst kissing clouds and untamed natural beauty all over. That is about as little as one can speak about Ooty.

Ooty has been a world-famous tourist spot for centuries. Gaiety lake rides, picturesque mountains, lush green gardens or rolling hills with tea plantations, Ooty has got it all. It is replete with enough beauty to soothe a human being for the entirety of their lifetime.

We are Ootymade, your one stop shop for Ooty and the best it has to offer. We were born and brought up in Ooty and are considered as one of the leading service providers from Ooty. We will help you indulge in the best of Ooty and its products. We will also help you book destinations and several services throughout Ooty.

With decades of experience in providing our customers with highest quality products from Ooty, we have laid our name in households throughout the country. We believe that, for decades, the golden land of Udhagamandalam is unheard of, especially when it comes to fine edible produce. As advocates of organic food and holistic lifestyle, we think that Ooty has a wide array of products that will be appreciated by many alike.

The basis of our foundation lies in the fact that products of Nilgiris offer a set of benefits that promotes a healthier diet and a stress-free lifestyle. Our ideology lies in the unspoken benefits of the omnipresent nature throughout Ooty and Nilgiris.


Ootymade chocolates

Chocolate making tradition in Ooty dates back to the British era when Ooty was considered as the summer capital of British India. The chocolate industry in Ooty has since developed vastly and expanded its wings throughout the country. Making homemade chocolates and fudges is one of the indigenous professions for the people of Ooty.

Handmade chocolates from Ooty have been our bestsellers. We have a huge collection of delicious, luxury handmade chocolates in an ever-evolving range of exciting flavours. They come in fancy packaging that is apt as a gift to all your loved ones. All our chocolates are made with the finest of ingredients procured from our heartland of Ooty.


Ootymade Varkey

For those of you who have never heard of Varkey, it is the most iconic product of Ooty. It is a delicious crusty cookie that is a well-known specialty of the Nilgiris. It is synonymous with Hyderabad’s biryani or Chennai’s sambar. It is a unique product of the homespun bakeries of the Nilgiris.

We have a range of homemade Varkey in different sizes so you can choose your favorite.

Aromatic Oils

Ootymade aromatic oils

The vast vegetation of Ooty is home to plenty of plantations. A large chunk of these plantations includes trees of Eucalyptus, Citriodora, Almond, Gaultheria, Citronella, Jasmine, Cypress, Rosemary, Rose, Tea tree, Cloves, Camphor and many more.

We have a collection of 100% natural oil extractions of all these plants that have been subjectively picked in terms with ancient Ayurvedic texts. Our oils have been specially formulated with stringent toxicology tests to provide wholesome wellness and medicinal usage.


Ootymade tea powders

Experience tea that is grown 1000 to 2500 meters above sea level otherwise known as Nilgiri tea, only at Ootymade. We have a wide range of specialty teas directly from the tea plantations throughout Ooty.

Legend says that Ooty is one of those places whose beauty can soothe all your senses. We think that most of it lies in the tea of Nilgiri with its aromatic flavour that lingers with notes of dusk flowers and tropical fruit.

Dry fruits

ooty dry fruits

Experience locally grown dry fruits enriched in the nutrients of the mountains. We have a hand sorted collection of dry fruits that are locally sourced.

Gift Boxes

We have a curated section of gift boxes that contain assorted selections of all our products so you can have the best of all worlds. Assorted teas, tea sets, dry fruit combos and many others are a part of our gift box collection.

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