Essential Facts about of Pure Almond Oil:

Essential Facts about of Pure Almond Oil:

Almond oil is the rich source of vitamin E; also contain minerals like magnesium and copper. Almond Oil commonly refers to Badam Oil is native to India, Afghanistan, and the Middle East and belong to family Rosacea and genus Prunus. AOS products extract this edible carrier oil using Cold press method.

Almond Oil excellent base oil, easily blend with most of the essential oil like tea tree oil for skin application. It is easily mixed with other carrier oil like linseed oil, coconut oil and others. It is immiscible with water and slightly soluble in alcohols. It is generally nontoxic oil, but not advisable as replacement of any medical treatment.

What are the Properties of Almond Oil?
It is look like pale yellow and clear in color. It is determined as absolute Viscosity. It has sweet and nutty aroma. AOS provides almond oil with the oily texture and has blend taste.

Potential Uses of pure Almond Oil for Skin and More:

  1. Sweet Almond oil features a long history in various traditional medicines. It is used for some unique purposes, but its best known for its use in skin care. Read on to find out more about cold pressed almond oil and its potential uses for enhancing your health.
  2. It is a rich source of vitamin E, is the very effective antioxidant, its regular use will reduce wrinkles. Almond oil is the best ingredient to reverse the signs of aging.
  3. Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer and lubricant, which prevents the skin from drying and keeps free from chapped and peeling skin.
  4. Act as Cicatrizant Almond Oil used as a soothing remedy for skin allergies, and to treat minor cuts and wounds. Mixture Almond Oil with honey gives brighter and clear and glow skin.
  5. Almond oil manufactured at AOS product is free from any sedimentation and in its pure form found effective in treating gash and punctures of Psoriasis and Eczema.
  6. It acts as an effective laxative. This oil strengthens the digestive system and helps in relieving different forms of digestive disorders like indigestion, Hyperacidity, constipation.
  7. For Sweet almond oil had been used in food to enhance the power of memory and concentration.
  8. This carrier oil taken twice a day can prove to be helpful, Almond oil can often provide relief from muscular pain.
  9. Ingesting almond oil on regular basis is also great for boosting the immune system.
  10. This Edible Almond Oil is found effective in lowering blood cholesterol.
  11. Act as Sclerosant Almond Oil used to treat vascular issues like spider veins, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins.

Almond oil chemical composition:

Almond Oil has nearly major fatty acid as 68% Oleic acid, 25%Linoleic Acid and nearly 4% of palmitic acid.
Almond oil is rich in High vitamin E content, high Iodine value ranging between 98-119 which means the higher degree of unsaturation, thus act as the effective antioxidant.

Sweet almond oil blends well with:
It is excellent base oil; easily blend with most of the essential oil like tea tree oil for skin application. It is immiscible with water and slightly soluble in alcohols. It is generally nontoxic oil, but not advisable as replacement of any medical treatment.

Almond oil where to buy:
1-We manufacture 100% natural and 100% Original Almond oil.
2-We follow the entire manufacturing standard as ISO 9001: 2015, HALAL, GMP and HACCP from India.
3-First of all we manufacture all types of carrier oils, including of Almond oil in bulk. As well as we also offer small quantity e.g. 30 Gms, 100 Gms, 200 Gms, 500 Gms by online method. We have listed our products on numerous E-Commercial websites as Amazon, Flipkart, Snap-deal, 1 mg and so on, from where you may buy our high quality carrier oils.
4-We are providing all the necessary documents which may useful for customer regarding of quality & Process:

  • COA (Certificate of Analysis)
  • MSDS (Material Safety data Sheets).
  • Process of Manufacturing
  • Equipment uses in manufacturing.
  • Fatty Acid profile.
  • Manufacturing license.
  • No solvent used certificate.

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